Pole Grip

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PoleGrip™ was specifically designed to meet the demands of polers, taking over 2 years to formulate with the help of 5 pole studios, over 150 polers and 8 pole athletes Including: 

Imogen GunterFawnia Mondey, Micheal Donohoe, Terri Fierce& Lisette Krol 

Non-sticky solution

PoleGrip™ offers a non-sticky solution specially developed to improve sports performance. This gentle long-lasting non-slip formula improves your grip and offers the protection you need. 

Vegan friendly ♥

PoleGrip™ conforms to current UK & EU cosmetic regulations, and is also vegan friendly. Blended with a special formula containing, Alcohol, Silica, Sodium Bicarbonate & Aqua.

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