Preorder Koala Grip

2.590 kr.



1. KOALA GRIP gentle long-lasting, non-slip formula was developed in Australia and it offers athletes non-sticky and non-grisy solution specially designed to maximise performance.
2. KOALA GRIP is manufactured in Australia, because we support local businesses.
3. KOALA GRIP is vegan friendly and animal cruelty free, because we believe in better environment and life without cruelty.
4. KOALA GRIP ingredients conform to the toughest cosmetic regulations and are safe for external use, because we care about the health of our customers.
5. Sale of every bottle of KOALA GRIP contributes 20c for Koalas’ conservation program by Australian Koala Foundation, because Koalas are endangered and we believe in giving back to the community.
6. KOALA GRIP is perfect at removing moist and perspiration while it creates a steady grip.
7. Only 1-2 drops of KOALA GRIP will guarantee you optimal performance and each bottle will last longer than competition, confirmed by all polers that tried it.2